Original teachings of USUI REIKI RYOHO directly from Japan The Next Shoden (Level 1) Course is February 6-7, 2021
The next Okuden (Level 2) course is TBA

In Shoden you will learn basic techniques including:

    • The objectives of Jikiden Reiki
    • The history of Reiki - Mr. Usui's life, Reiki's origin
    • The history of Jikiden Reiki - Sensei Yamaguchi's life
    • Gokai - the 5 Reiki Principles in Japanese
  • The concept of Byosen
  • Gyoshi-ho (staring technique), Koki-ho (breathing technique)
  • The first Shirushi(symbol)
  • Learn and practice Ketsueki Kokan (blood circulation technique)
  • Reiki Mawashi (a method used to feel the Reiki energy flowing)
  • Hatsurei-Ho (a method used to practice Reiki at home)
  • Reiki practice/group treatment, self treatment
  • You will receive 3 Reiju (attunement)

In Okuden you will learn:

  1. More indepth history
  2. Two New Shirushi
  3. Psychological Healing Technique
  4. DIstance Healing Technique
  5. Receive 2 Reijus
  6. Reiki Practice/Group Treatment
  7. Authentic Japanese Certificate

Course is recognised for continuing education credits by some associations.

For more information or to register contact Dolphyn Boschman 306.291.8968 or email us.