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WHOLISTIC NUTRITION: This is a great passion of mine…what we put into our bodies will determine how well our bodies function physically, mentally and emotionally. The importance of good nutrition is often overlooked especially when it comes to how we feel. We sometimes will focus on elimination and cleansing but forget that the most important process is Nourishing. When our bodies are given nutrient dense foods and beverages in the right amount at the right time our bodies inherently will find its own natural balance, including the ability to think clearer, be more positive and to cleanse with ease.
However, there are appropriate times to give the body some extra attention and help through reducing table foods and stressful habits/practices. Taking a break from the normal routine to go deeper in the cleansing and nourishing process is a good idea once or twice a year.

CLEANSES: Once we start to nourish our bodies properly there will be times throughout the year that the body will give very clear signals that it also needs a rest and needs some extra cleaning. Spring and Fall are the two best times to do some internal cleansing.

Inphynite Phreedom Cleanses focus not only on the physical body with a specific elimination process, predominantly using Sunrider foods and beverages wood but also includes exercises to nourish and regenerate the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. This cleanse is a very gentle, progressive approach to predominantly nourish each specific organ system. Cleansing’s most important function is to give the body a rest. Giving the body tools it needs to go deeper in its process to eliminate toxic substances and breaking habits that contribute to that toxicity.

Breaking unhealthy habits, implementing healthy habits, rest, restoration, reflection and regeneration, slowing down, getting into nature and unplugging from technology are just a few of the goals of the Inphynite Phreedom Cleanse.

Click on events for upcoming cleanse workshops. Individual cleanse programs are also available.

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